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  • Laptop cases New product
  • for 15,6" notebooks New product
  • for 12"-14" netbooks New product
  • for 10" netbooks New product
  • for 17" notebooks New product
  • Tablets and ebooks New product
  • for 8" tablets
  • for 9" tablets
  • for 10" tablets
  • for 6"-7" tablets
  • GPS navigators and external HDD
  • 3,5"-4,3" diagonal screen
  • 4,7"-5,3" diagonal screen
  • 7" diagonal screen
  • Accessories
  • Athletiс
  • Boxing New product
  • Commandos
  • D-Spaсe
  • Easy
  • Hi-Fly
  • Portfolio
  • Profit
  • Tema New product
  • Terra New product
  • Thermo±C°
  • Trophy
  • Uni-Set
  • X-Max
  • Out of production

  • Products by categories

  • Bag
  • Rucksack
  • Cover
  • Accessory
  • Case
  • Casing

  • photo reflex camera camera lenses video tripod memory card stiff Temperature resistance Notebook Netbook leather napkins

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    The First UWPA Forum

      Acropolis Company was the sponsor of the first forum “Ukrainian Wedding Photographers Association” (UWPA). There where professionals not only from all the Ukraine, but also guests from Russia and Lithuania at the forum. To award the winners of the competition hold by the association, Acropolis Company provided valuable prizes from the range of its products.