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Products by series

  • Laptop cases New product
  • for 15,6" notebooks New product
  • for 12"-14" netbooks New product
  • for 10" netbooks New product
  • for 17" notebooks New product
  • Tablets and ebooks New product
  • for 8" tablets
  • for 9" tablets
  • for 10" tablets
  • for 6"-7" tablets
  • GPS navigators and external HDD
  • 3,5"-4,3" diagonal screen
  • 4,7"-5,3" diagonal screen
  • 7" diagonal screen
  • Accessories
  • Athletiс
  • Boxing New product
  • Commandos
  • D-Spaсe
  • Easy
  • Hi-Fly
  • Portfolio
  • Profit
  • Tema New product
  • Terra New product
  • Thermo±C°
  • Trophy
  • Uni-Set
  • X-Max
  • Out of production

  • Products by categories

  • Bag
  • Rucksack
  • Cover
  • Accessory
  • Case
  • Casing

  • photo reflex camera camera lenses video tripod memory card stiff Temperature resistance Notebook Netbook leather napkins

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    More than 10 years ago Acropolis TM took the responsibility for protection of photo and video equipment.

    In open spaces of the CIS countries we are the only manufacturer of such wide assortment of products. From the very beginning the orientation of our designers has been directed not to copying the foreign manufacturers, but to the development of their own constructive decisions.

    The assortment counts dozens of models. All products can be divided into the basic series: 

    - bags and cases for professionals;

    - cases for amateur photo/video equipment.

    There are rucksacks and covers for tripods in the assortment. Each item in the series of products is durable, convenient, and developed according to the requirements of modern design.